For the allocated 5 acre plot, IICF has proposed an architectural plan that was unveiled in a press meet on 19th December 2020 at the IICF office in Lucknow. Apart from the mosque, there is a provision for a 200+ bed hospital, an Archive Center that will house a museum, and a community kitchen to serve free meals to undernourished and malnourished children and women.

Indo Islamic Cultural Research Centre which includes a Museum, Library and a Publication is proposed in the name of Martyr of 1857 Ahmadullah Shah to highlight the role of Awadh in giving this country a model of shared struggle and accomplishments the Museum will be curated by Prof. Pushpesh Pant. IICF has two other projects within that complex which includes a 200 bed Multi-specialty Hospital with a community kitchen serving 2000 nourishment meals daily to needy and the Project has a Mosque which will accommodate 2000 namazis with greenfield to showcase the trees from all over the world as to highlight our concern for Climate change. The mosque or masjid is a shared space where people get together to mingle with the unseen, unfathomable, the Supreme. The aspiration to transcend is also because of the awareness of the limits or boundaries of the individual self. Being religious entails a ceaseless striving to free oneself of narrowness and smallness. You cannot do this without sharing what you think is yours with others. If you do not attend to the needy, your rituals go waste. The Quran keeps alerting its followers of their limitation: “Man is by nature timid; when evil befalls him, he panics, but when good things come to him, he prevents them from reaching others.” So, a constant reminder to the Muslims that the main objective is to reach out to others.

Feeding the hungry and tending the sick are therefore the first religious acts. The new design of Consultant Architect Prof.SM Akhtar is essentially following the edict of Islam by attaching a hospital and a community kitchen to the mosque. The design is cosmic, wishing to impart a feeling of the whole earth by planting flora and fauna brought from all parts of the world, including the Amazon forests. Zero carbon emission and powered by solar energy are the other features which make this design modernistic.